Social Security Disability

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Social Security Disability Insurance (sometimes known as SSDI) and Social Security Income (sometimes known as SSI) pay a monthly benefit to those who have been deemed disabled.  Many of those who have spent their entire life working and paying into the system are dismayed to discover that more than half of Social Security Disability applications are denied.

Because of this, it is imperative that you have an attorney who is experienced in Social Security at your side, to fight aggressively for you, when you are unable to fight for yourself. The attorneys at Forbes & Renes will make a thorough assessment of your disability, giving you a comprehensive overview of your chances of obtaining SSDI and/or SSI, then we will be the advocate in your corner you so desperately need right now. The Forbes & Renes Social Security Lawyers have a full working knowledge of the disability requirements and have dealt with the challenges of the system for years, gaining valuable insights along the way.

Are You Entitled to Social Security Disability?

If you have a physical or psychological impairment that prevents you from working for at least 12 months or is likely to end in death, you might be entitled to Social Security Disability Benefits. These benefits can provide an income to help support you and your family. Your impairment or combination of impairments must be severe enough to disrupt basic work related activities and must be considered long-term. However, you cannot prove this by simply not having a job for a year. Social Security uses extensive regulations based on your medical condition, your remaining ability to work, your age, education, training and work experience in deciding your case.

There are two types of benefits that you can consider applying for. SSI is based solely on your current financial need. In order to qualify for SSI, you must have a very limited household income, less than $2000.00 in assets ($3000.00 for couples), and be considered disabled. SSDI is funded through payroll taxes. This program looks at how much you have paid into Social Security, how recently you last worked, and whether or not you are disabled.

Getting the Help You Need from Forbes & Renes

When you apply for  SSI and/or SSDI benefits, you have the burden to prove that you are disabled.  This entails completing paperwork, staying on top of deadlines and making sure that Social Security is processing the claim. In addition, the Social Security Administration frequently takes months to make a decision on your claim. The majority of applicants are denied and will need to go before a judge to argue the case. This can be a complicated and daunting process. Whether you are at the initial stages of filing for disability or your application has been denied, it can be a significant benefit to have an experienced Social Security attorney from Forbes & Renes on your side. Understanding the medical and work requirements, the paperwork, and the deadlines can be daunting.  Too often mistakes are made on Social Security Applications which may cause the claim to be delayed or even denied. While we prefer to be involved in your case before you file your Social Security Application, no matter where you are in the process we can and will help you. We do not charge you for the initial consultation fee and we will not collect a fee unless and until your disability claim is approved. If you have questions about Social Security Disability in Oklahoma, call Forbes & Renes today.